Dear Best Quality Clients,

What a great time to get rich! Covid19 is popping the biggest US economic bubbles created by the Federal Reserve. Our strategy is unique. Hoard money such as dollars, gold, and bitcoin. Do not leverage up and buy assets with the majority of all cash. Sounds crazy? I bet everyone is telling you to leverage up with cheap debt and spend money in the economy. This is not the time to spending money, but hoarding it. Best Quality wants to be liquid when everyone else is illiquid. Patience is key. Debt is especially dangerous in this economy. Diversification is very important and the key to holding generational wealth through the worse of USA economic periods.

Debt Free Commercial Real Estate

Best Quality Investment will buy retail centers, mobile home parks, and multifamily in major metropoltian cities with majority cash for cash-flow basis. During the current economic environment, leveraging and overpaying for properties is a bad idea because commercial real estate is crashing. Retail real estate has already shown a significant discount. Apartments and Mobile Home Parks are in a pre-crash, due to the Cares Act delaying the inevitable. Interest rates are suppressed by the Federal Reserve money printer and buying all the government bonds up. The risk to buy with real estate at low rates is much higher than the rewards. There is more to lose than to win if interest rates go up, instead of continuing heading down. If interest rates do go down and the economy starts humming again, we will selectively cash out some properties to return the majority of initial capital to investors.

Money – Gold, Silver, Dollar

The United States is in a huge debt bubble that the Federal Reserve trying to prevent to explode. The question not if, but when the bubble will pop. When the bubble pops, deflation is most likely for assets. Gold and Silver will be the best protection during the economic crisis. The dollar will be king to buy assets with dollar debt. This is the time to hoard money and be patient. It took several years for real estate to bottom out and did not just happen in 1 year.

Futuristic Companies

Futuristic companies are key to generate massive wealth, but much more risker than real estate and money. Our focus will be biological aging, artificial intelligence, and robot automation. The world is changing quickly.


Best Quality will create multiple funds based on our Investment strategy. The goal is not to only survive during the economic downturn but to thrive from it. Instead of leveraging up, one should be deleveraging. This is not the economic period, you want to have a lot of debt, even if the debt is cheap. Money and debt-free cash flowing assets will be king to not only survive but thrive.


Sameer Bhalesha, CEO of Best Quality Investment

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