We are in a deflationary crisis!

The United States is in a deflationary crisis, not an inflationary crisis! 🤡

I expect a deflationary crisis to last for 1-4 years. The United States recession started in March 2020.

The government is creating 2T+ of FAKE money to prevent a deflationary spiral.

The deflationary crisis can not be prevented, but government actions will soften the blow.

What determines inflation and deflation?
🔘Supply and Demand
🔘Money Supply

It does not matter how much money supply is increased by money creation if the demand does not exist to purchase supply.

Supply ▶️ Demand

We are not out of the woods after the deflationary crisis ends.

When demand surpasses supply, an inflationary crisis is possible. 🤬

Supply ◀️ Demand

Capitalists, prepare to be liquid with United States Dollar to pay your mortgages and buy assets at a discount when the bottom hits!

You must buy before the deflationary crisis ends as the economy could lead to an inflationary crisis right after.

Once the deflationary crisis is over, it is very possible the moves that the government made could cause an inflationary crisis. This is highly dependable on what happens to globalization and if the United States economy continues to grow or now. Stagflation or Hyperinflation? How sweet! 🍭

⭐️I can not predict precisely when the deflationary crisis will end, but I can follow the economic cycle in real-time!

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