United States is in the Initial Recession phase of the Economic Cycle

I am not an economist, but a capitalist. An economist will perceive where the economy is and forecasts economic cycles. A capitalist determines how one can make a profit. As a capitalist, I study economics to understand how one can profit at any stage of the economic cycle and to conduct investment moves before the market changes! Investors will not create generational wealth without understanding economics.

The United States is in a recession.

I will not sugar coat it or give anyone false hope. The recession can not be prevented. The United States is the initial recession phase of the economy. From the current situation, I believe the recession will last only for 6-12 months. Many random events can occur to change my forecast to a longer recession. I will update if my views change. Capitalists follow the economic cycle! The economy does not move in a straight line. Human emotions, random events, and debt play a role for extreme highs and lows to occur in the economy. 
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