The Power of Google Map and View

Google Map and View have changed real estate forever. Today, you can see most of America without even actually physically being there. Stop wasting your time driving around the location before even making an offer. You do not need to physically visit the location to understand the value of the property. Never pay market value for any real estate! With the power of google map and view, I can make offers around the country that I have never visited in my life.

Google Map
Google Map Logo!

How to use Google Map/View to your advantage?

  1. Analyze the property and surrounding area
  2. Find new leads
  1. Analyze any property and the area

Google View
Google View in San Francisco!

From the top left corner of the street view, you can see the month/year of the street view. The more recent the date is, the much better for you. I love google driving in areas where the street view was just updated months ago. It is like you are driving the area, but instead, you are sitting at home on your computer.

When analyzing real estate, look at the view of the real estate. Is the area developed? Where does it look like the city is growing? What are some great brands near the location like Walmart, Starbucks, Designer Clothes, and more! Start using google street as if you were physically there and drive around the area. Go to sold comparables that you found for the property and also drive around the area with Google street view. Note the condition. Maybe it could be another lead for you to skip trace and make a deal.

You have to ask KEY QUESTIONS to sellers since you are not driving there such as the condition and what are the revenue/expenses. Once under contract at a great price, you then do your due diligence and check everything the seller told you!


      2. Find New Leads

Stop driving for dollars and start googling for dollars. Many roads on google are updated frequently every 1-3 years in many parts of the United States. Choose the cities and areas you want to find discounted real estate at and google driving the area.

Open your deal machine app and start inputting properties that look distressed and not normal! Skip trace the numbers, then start calling or hire someone else to call for you! Watch out for any For Sale or For Rent signs made by owners. These are hot leads and sometimes these owners are not actively marketing besides using these signs.



You have now learned my secrete on how I am building a massive pipeline of leads from cities that are miles apart from me and making offers. Not only can you become an expert in other cities, but you can become an expert in the city you live in without ever leaving your house! Whenever I do get a lead, I use google maps to my advantage to drive the area through google street view and not actually in person. Using Google street view and maps will give a huge advantage to many real estate investors who still do not use it and still think they must actually drive the property in person to really understand the area. This is 2019, stop doing the same stuff 20 years ago. Heck even 10 years ago, google map wasn’t as great as it is now. Images are much clearer, and many areas of the united states are updated frequently.


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