The Government is printing money to pay for COVID-19 stimulus package

How is the United States funding Cares Act, the 2T stimulus package? Not from your taxes! The United States government has been running a deficit for the past 18 years.

a close up of a graph

Figure 1: The Federal Surplus or Deficit

The United States Treasury with the blessings of the Federal Reserve, Congress, and Donald Trump, is printing money.

Our economy has a significant advantage due to the Dollar is the global currency. The United States central bank has the most gold in the world at 8,134 tons, nearly 4 times of Russia or China. As of April, the United States has the largest % of GDP for a COVID-19 stimulus package at 11% compared to China’s 1.2%.
Figure 2: The United States has the highest stimulus package, graph by, data by the International Monetary Fund!
Figure 3: The gold reserve of the United States constant for last 15 years at around 75%.

The dollar will not collapse during the COVID-19 recession!

*I can not guarantee the collapse of the Dollar will not come, but the dollar will not collapse during the COVID-19 recession. Many countries still rely on the Dollar and breaking away from it now will just add more devastation to their economy. The Dollar will be king to buy assets at bargain prices at the end of the recession. *The dollar will start to lose power once the recession is over as inflation will creep in. Inflation will take years, not months.

* Opinions by Sameer Bhalesha

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