The Federal Reserve serves the Elites 🐲, not ordinary Americans!

The Federal Reserve serves the Elites 🐲, not ordinary Americans!

Money Creation πŸ’Έ from The Federal Reserve allows the elites, top 1%, to grow richer, while the middle class, 50th-90th wealth percentile, to grow poorer.

From 2008 to 2020 wealth ownership
Top 1% grew 2%
90-99th decline .8%
50th-90th decline .9%
Bottom 50th decline .4%

Q1 2020 wealth ownership
Top 1% owns 31.2%
90th-99th owns 37.5%
50th-90th owns 29.8%
Bottom 50th owns 1.4%

The top 50th own 98.6% of the wealth, while the bottom 50th own only 1.4%.

The wealth bubble is currently popping right now.

Riots are occurring due to the wealth gap in the United States.

The wealth bubble could completely pop in the next few years if riots continue and start to protest wealth inequality instead of systemic racism. 🌚

It may once again be inflated by the Federal Reserve money creation for the top 1% to get richer. 🌝

🧨The wealth bubble will eventually completely pop!

Capitalists vs. Workers

Who’s side are you on?

Source: Graph by FRED. Data by the Federal Reserve.


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