The biggest mistake by many investors is believing asset values will always go up long term.

Asset values do not always continue to go up! 🤬

Baby Boomers lived through the last 40 years, where interest rates went down, and asset prices always went higher than the last peak.

Many won’t understand how asset values can actually go down in the long term.

If you bought Japanese assets in their bubble in the 1990s, to this day, asset valuations are still lower! 🤷🏽‍♂️

Japan and the US aren’t too different.
✹ US interest rate is at borderline 0%
✹ US government has huge deficits and increased ownership of the national debt
✹ US Real GDP growth is decreasing
✹ US has big asset bubbles inflated by central banks

The US is seriously following Japan with notable exceptions.
1. Global Currency
2. Positive population growth due to immigration

The dollar as the global currency can end by the next decade, while anti-immigration can lead America to a negative population growth.

The Federal Reserve can not save asset values forever by inflating the bubble through printing money.

Bank of Japan tried to do that, and now look at where Japan asset values are at.



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