Taxes is not revenue, but artificial demand for the Dollar!

The United States government does not tax you for revenue, but to create artificial demand for the US Dollar! 😱

The United States government can create money out of thin air and do not need your taxes for revenue.

Fiat Money has no intrinsic value, backed only by the government and not by Gold.

The United States 💵 is Fiat Money.

🕵🏽Why do Americans use currency backed by nothing and can be created out of thin air? Because the government requires you to pay taxes in the United States Dollars.

The United States government will not accept gold or bitcoin for tax collection, but only fake money that they have created!

Guess what banks do? They lend the United States Dollar created by the government out to the public that must be paid back by the United States Dollar.

The government imposes a tax obligation, while banks rely on Americans to voluntarily decide to become borrowers.

💥Most Americans must now rely on fake money to survive in modern-day America!

We are not in the gold standard anymore, but fiat.

⭐️Old economic views before 1971 are outdated. As a capitalist, you must look at the economy in modern times.

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