Negative emotions and events are great for the United States economy! What doesn’t kill America makes America stronger.

This is only the beginning of the recession, the nightmare has just started!

πŸ’₯100k+ Americans dead from Covid-19

πŸ’₯2,000+ businesses file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

πŸ’₯35+ million American are out of work

πŸ’₯ Civil unrest around the country due to systemic racism by the police

God Bless George Floyd! Rest In Peace πŸ™πŸ½

πŸ’₯Trump threatens martial law to restore order

πŸ’₯China and the United States in a cold war

Greed allows the economy to have extreme highs.

Fear allows the economy to have extreme lows.

Extreme lows must occur, so extreme highs can occur!

When the economy was at a high last year, I was very fearful while others were greedy.

Now, I am becoming greedier every day as fear grows.

I πŸ’š human emotions.

America will have the greatest economy in the world after the recession is over.

Never bet against the United States of America!

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