Hoard Physical Gold!

Every investor should have 2-10% of their investment portfolio, consisting of physical gold. 🤩

❌Not Paper Gold.

✔️Physical Gold!

🛑Do not give your physical gold to the banks. Banks might not return it to you when a currency crisis occurs.

Gold is best in a deflationary crisis as people run to gold for protection as many assets depreciate, not appreciate.

Gold is not best in an inflationary crisis. Gold may depreciate, but not as much as FAKE money would.

If Fiat Money generated inflation, gold would appreciate. If Supply & Demand forces generated inflation, gold would depreciate. Inflationary crises can be a mix of both.

In 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued Presidential Executive Order 6102 through 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act to make gold ownership illegal in a currency crisis.
🔴Forced people to use fake money
🔴Stole gold from the public at a low price to bail out banks
🔴Began the era of Fiat Currency in the United States

⚠️The United States government may make gold ownership illegal once again. You must hide gold and not let the government know about it!

Gold will be the new currency if the United States government ever fails. Nobody will trust the dollar!

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