High inflation has been occurring in financial assets, not consumer goods or commodities. 🤫

The Federal Reserve ❤️inflation, not deflation.

Inflation is the rising of prices. When prices rise, the dollar’s power decreases.

The Federal Reserve targets an increase of 2% in the price index for personal consumption expenditures (consumer goods).

The Federal Reserve fails to care about inflation for financial assets. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Maybe cause many of the wealthy own financial assets?

3 main categories where inflation occurs
🔵Financial Assets
🔵Consumer Products

Financial Assets are Corporate Bonds, Stocks, and Real Estate.

👉🏽Avg Inflation % per year for Price Indexes from 2007-2019
1️⃣9.7% Stock
2️⃣7.5% Corporate Bonds
3️⃣3.9% Real Estate
4️⃣1.7% Consumer Goods
5️⃣1.9% Commodities

The United States government and Federal Reserve care for the wealthy, not the poor.

Wealth Inequality has risen sharply due to financial asset appreciation.

The wealthy own financial assets that appreciate while the poor do not own financial assets.


a close up of a graph

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