Gold, Bitcoin, and the Dollar are money, not assets.

Gold, Bitcoin and the dollar are money, not assets.

Money is the medium of exchange and storage of wealth.

Money allows investors to buy and sell assets.

An increasing gold and bitcoin price does not mean dollar is not strong. It means for gold and bitcoin, the dollar is losing value towards that type of money.

Wealthy investors are trading dollars for gold and bitcoin to store wealth, not as a medium of exchange.

Long-term, the dollar will decrease in value and not be a good storage of wealth like Bitcoin and Gold.

Short-term, the dollar will increase in value specifically to buy assets.

Many assets have debts originated in dollars not gold.

Unfortunately, many can not pay the debt, hence why the dollar will be king to buy assets with loans originated in dollars.

Many assets with good debt became bad debt within the last couple of months due to loss of income by the borrower.

The wealthy will start selling gold and bitcoin for the dollar to buy assets.

Money will be king to buy assets at the bottom and recovery phases of the economy.


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