Expect Civil War or World War 3 in the early 21st century! ಠ_ಠ

⚠️ America is due for a major crisis.

America’s rebirth or death can not happen without a major crisis.

This is not a coincidence.
●Covid19 popping large economic bubbles created by Banks
●End of debt cycle at 0% interest with enormous debt obligations
●Central banks out of options to stimulate the economy, but to print money
●Wealth Inequality back to levels seen right before the Great Depression
●Political Polarization between Republicans & Democrats, Liberals & Conservatives, and Minorities & Whites
●Rising Communist China with a dictatorship of Xi Jinping
●Geopolitical Tensions around the world

Investment suggestions*
●Build a bunker
●Store 10+ year supply of food and water
●Hoard gold, silver, bitcoin and firearms
●Invest in real estate, stocks, and corporate bonds that are essential businesses
●Prepare mentally as the world will not be the same

*My investment suggestions are not investment advice. Please consult appropriate professionals and conduct due diligence before you make any investment decisions.


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