China is a serious threat to the global empire of the United States.

The Cold War between America and China has started. 🥶

Currently, China has a GDP 2/3 to the United States, but in some aspects already has a bigger economy through PPP GDP and Manufacturing Output. China is not the same country 20 years ago and is the only country in the last 100 years that could remotely compete with America. Germany had only 1/3rd of the United States GDP in the 1930s.

Xi Jinping knows the United States is not invincible. 🥺

China 🇨🇳 under Jinping is much more dangerous than Germany 🇩🇪 under Hitler!

Xi Jinping took power in 2013.
➙Preaches China as the next superpower
➙ Believes in a strong authoritarian government, opposite of democratic values
➙Jailed, fined, or demoted thousands of political opponents to consolidate power
➙Constructed concentration camps to “reeducate” Uyghur and other ethnic minorities since 2017
➙Eliminated presidential terms to become a dictator in 2018
➙Increased internet censorship and government surveillance
➙Claims South China Sea as Chinese territory with military bases in 2016
➙Threatens Taiwan in 2018 to join back with China or else
➙Ended one country, two systems rule in Hong Kong in 2020

Looks like another Nazi Germany….. 👹

Communist China is much stronger than Nazi Germany.
➙1.4B Chinese population
➙Steel Production as much as the USA
➙Manufacturing Output higher than the USA
➙21st-century technology, such as artificial intelligence, cyber warfare, and nuclear weapons
➙China investments around the world, aka Belt and Road Initiative
➙Many countries depend on the Chinese economy

China wants to be the next superpower and change the world order. 🌎

“As China grew richer and stronger, we believed, the Chinese Communist Party would liberalize to meet the rising democratic aspirations of its people. This was a bold, quintessentially American idea, born of our innate optimism and by the experience of our triumph over Soviet Communism. Unfortunately, it turned out to be very naïve.”

“Let us be clear, the Chinese Communist Party is a Marxist-Leninist organization. The Party General Secretary Xi Jinping sees himself as Josef Stalin’s successor. In fact, as the journalist and former Australian government official John Garnaut has noted, the Chinese Communist Party is the last “ruling communist party that never split with Stalin, with the partial exception of North Korea.” [1] Yes, Stalin – the man whose brutal dictatorship and disastrous policies killed roughly 20 million Russians and others through famine, forced collectivization, executions, and labor camps. As interpreted and practiced by Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, communism is a totalitarian ideology.”

A Message On China From National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien

Written Remark of the interview

〰️Robert C. O’Brien, United States National Security Advisor on June 24, 2020


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