Money Creation by the Fed caused the Stock Rally

“They lead me to conclude that the powerful rally we’ve seen has been built on optimism; has incorporated positive expectations and overlooked potential negatives; and has been driven largely by the Fed’s injections of liquidity and the Treasury’s stimulus payments, which investors assume will bridge to a fundamental recovery and be free from highly negative … Continued

Do not ever overpay for assets! (Intrinsic value)

Do not ever overpay for assets! Follow the economic cycle. 🙇🏼 Many successful investors make this mistake while riding the market to the top. Investors fail to correctly read the real value of the asset and expect appreciation. Stocks and Real Estate market values do not continue to appreciate in the short term and depreciate … Continued

Stocks will fall! 📉

Stocks are real assets depending if the businesses are real or fake Stocks will continue to fall due to a huge bubble that has not completely popped Cheap debt and quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve allowed the stocks to rise to unprecedented prices Continue to keep the best stocks, but sell undesirable stocks Cash … Continued