Zombie Companies Everywhere!

Zombies 🧟 are increasing because the government is bailing out corporations. My favorite type of socialism! A zombie is a company that needs bailouts to operate or an indebted company that can repay the interest on its debts but not repay the principal. The Federal Reserve is creating money 💸, destroying the dollar value. Then … Continued

Will Money Creation cause massive inflation?

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is gambling money creation 💸 will create massive inflation for assets, but not price consumer expenditures! 👹 The Federal Reserve created 3.5T from 2008 to 2014.+400% in 6 years+66% per year While in 2020 alone, the Federal Reserve created over 3T.+73% in 1 year Let pretend Federal Reserve creates 10T in 2020.+243% … Continued

The Federal Reserve created around 3T dollars out of thin air to manipulate the economy of the United States. 😈

The Federal Reserve created around 3T dollars out of thin air since March to buy assets and manipulate the economy of the United States. 😈 1 Trillion = 1,000 Billions What assets did the Fed buy with 3T fake money?1.6T (1,600B) Treasury Bonds.5T (500B) Liquidity Swaps.1T (100B) Corporate Bonds.05T (50B) PPP “Forgiveable” Loans.75T (750B) Other The … Continued

Negative emotions and events are great for the United States economy! What doesn’t kill America makes America stronger.

This is only the beginning of the recession, the nightmare has just started! 💥100k+ Americans dead from Covid-19 💥2,000+ businesses file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 💥35+ million American are out of work 💥 Civil unrest around the country due to systemic racism by the police God Bless George Floyd! Rest In Peace 🙏🏽 💥Trump threatens martial … Continued

FHFA House Price Index – Residential Crash was not the same in every city!

House Prices increased by 0.1% in March 2020! Released on May 26th, 2020. The FHFA House Price Index is a broad measure of the movement of single-family house prices💢covers all 50 states and over 400 American cities and extend back to the mid-1970s💢seasonally adjusted, purchase-only data, unless otherwise noted.💢single-family properties purchased or securitized by Fannie … Continued

The Federal Reserve knows commercial real estate is crashing! 🤧

“Property prices—including on commercial real estate (CRE), farmland, and residential real estate (RRE)—generally take more time to respond to sudden changes in economic activity but appear likely to come under pressure” “Asset prices remain vulnerable to significant declines should the pandemic worsen, the economic fallout prove more adverse, or financial system strains reemerge” “CRE markets … Continued

Commercial Real Estate is crashing!

Commercial Real Estate is crashing! -9.43% loss from March 2020 to April 2020. 😨 Green Street Commercial Property Price Index is a time series of unleveraged U.S. commercial property values that captures the prices at which commercial real estate transactions are currently being negotiated and contracted.🔘Institutional Quality🔘Appraisal-based🔘Value-Weighted Price Index measures the price level of a weighted … Continued

Q2 2020 GDP for the United States will be very scary! 👻

Forecasts from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and St. Louis estimate a loss of 30% or more. 🔵St. Louis Fed’s Economic News Index (ENI)ENI uses economic content from key monthly economic data releases to forecast the growth of real GDP during that quarter. Last updated on May 8, 2020.Q1 2020 forecast was -15.56%Q2 2020 forecast … Continued

We are in a deflationary crisis!

The United States is in a deflationary crisis, not an inflationary crisis! 🤡 I expect a deflationary crisis to last for 1-4 years. The United States recession started in March 2020. The government is creating 2T+ of FAKE money to prevent a deflationary spiral. The deflationary crisis can not be prevented, but government actions will … Continued

Warren Buffett keeps his mouth shut!

Warren Buffett is keeping his mouth shut because he does not want you to know what he knows! 🤐 Warren Buffett is a long term investor and sold all his airline stocks! He is hoarding 1.3 billion Cash and T-Bills! 💵 Why did he not go in a buying spree? 💥Oh boy, he does not … Continued

Follow the economic cycle in real-time!

Do not predict the economic cycle, but follow the economic cycle in real-time! I originally believed the United States recession started at the end of March. China went into a recession, since place under lockdown by the end of January. I considered it would take 1-2 months to affect the United States. By March 20th, … Continued