We are in a deflationary crisis!

The United States is in a deflationary crisis, not an inflationary crisis! 🤡 I expect a deflationary crisis to last for 1-4 years. The United States recession started in March 2020. The government is creating 2T+ of FAKE money to prevent a deflationary spiral. The deflationary crisis can not be prevented, but government actions will … Continued

Warren Buffett keeps his mouth shut!

Warren Buffett is keeping his mouth shut because he does not want you to know what he knows! 🤐 Warren Buffett is a long term investor and sold all his airline stocks! He is hoarding 1.3 billion Cash and T-Bills! 💵 Why did he not go in a buying spree? 💥Oh boy, he does not … Continued

Follow the economic cycle in real-time!

Do not predict the economic cycle, but follow the economic cycle in real-time! I originally believed the United States recession started at the end of March. China went into a recession, since place under lockdown by the end of January. I considered it would take 1-2 months to affect the United States. By March 20th, … Continued

Commercial Real Estate valuations have plummeted!

Commercial Real Estate valuations have plummeted! Many sellers are still in denial. 🙄 Most Commerical Real Estate is valued by the Net Income approach. Valuation = Net Income / Cap Rate ⭕️Net Income is the revenue minus all expenses besides the mortgage. The Net Income of many commercial properties is deteriorating or nonexistent. ⬇️ ⭕️Cap … Continued

The Government is printing money to pay for COVID-19 stimulus package

How is the United States funding Cares Act, the 2T stimulus package? Not from your taxes! The United States government has been running a deficit for the past 18 years. Figure 1: The Federal Surplus or Deficit The United States Treasury with the blessings of the Federal Reserve, Congress, and Donald Trump, is printing money. … Continued

Stocks will fall! 📉

Stocks are real assets depending if the businesses are real or fake Stocks will continue to fall due to a huge bubble that has not completely popped Cheap debt and quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve allowed the stocks to rise to unprecedented prices Continue to keep the best stocks, but sell undesirable stocks Cash … Continued

The United States Dollar is powerful! 💵

The United States Dollar is Powerful! No currency can match the United States dollar. 💵 During the recession, the United States dollar is king The Dollar is backed by the most powerful economy in the world The United States Economy and Population will continue to grow The United States Dollar controls 61.73% of Foreign Exchange … Continued

The United States economy is in a Recession by COVID-19

The United States of America, the most powerful country in the world with the biggest economy and wealth, will go into a recession during Q2, starting next month (April). The United States economy is heavily connected to the world economy. China is already in recession for Q1 and has not completely recovered from COVID-19. The quick … Continued

China is in a recession by COVID-19!

China, a rising global superpower to the United States, was stricken by a coronavirus virus named COVID-19. In December 2019, China was the first country where CoronaVirus started at a meat market. How can you expect the economy to grow with a virus pandemic? China took aggressive actions in January to lock the city of … Continued

Coronavirus is a serious threat to the US Economy

Introduction Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. A virus is a parasite made of genetic materials (DNA or RNA) and surrounded by a capsid made of protein. As a parasite, the coronavirus needs a host like human cells to replicate more … Continued