American Civil War 2 Maps

The odds are not 100%. But I believe the odds are high that Trump nor Republicans will not concede. Trump may either win through court, or he actually does concede, then Civil War will not happen. High odds Democrats will not accept court decisions favoring Trump and start the civil war. Prepare now! This is … Continued

9 Principles of Economic Bubbles

1. All growth is exponential, not linear. Exponential growth always leads to a bubble at some point. 2. All growth is cyclical, not incremental. Over the long term, growth is exponential, but even exponential growth comes in surges and busts. Whenever you have an extreme bubble, you’re going to have an extreme crash. 3. Bubbles … Continued

Commercial Real Estate is crashing

Commercial Real Estate is crashing. You must be aggressively making offers, and not wait for data to show you if Commercial #RealEstate has hit the bottom yet or not. Data comes after the fact of it already happening, not before the fact. During the 2007-2009 recession, #CommercialRealEstate prices bottom out in 1-3 years and took a total of 3-5 … Continued

Multifamily is CRASHING!

Multifamily is crashing!-30M+ permanent job losses-30M+ looming evictions-Jobs won’t recover for years.-NO V SHAPE RECOVERY A year ago, I told multiple multifamily investors, that the economic expansion can not continue and the crash will happen within a few years. THEY ALL LAUGHED AT ME. 😂 I bet they ain’t laughing now. 🤭 Many multifamily investors … Continued

Y’all better hoard gold, silver, and bitcoin!!!! REAL MONEY💰

The dollar will significantly devalue in the long run. And could collapse entirely. I believe it can happen in 2-7 years. Maybe even in 10 years. Not to scare anyone but could potentially happen within 2 years. The collapse of the dollar may not happen, but devaluation will occur for sure in the long run. … Continued

The Housing Market will crash!

Single Family Home 🏠 Investors, CASH OUT NOW. Sell some or all homes now at retail price. The housing market will ultimately crash due to the looming eviction crisis. I predict around early 2021, possibly in January. 🔮 Data points that may help determine house crash % in a particular location-unemployment-past crash history on prices, … Continued

Gold, Bitcoin, and the Dollar are money, not assets.

Gold, Bitcoin and the dollar are money, not assets. Money is the medium of exchange and storage of wealth. Money allows investors to buy and sell assets. An increasing gold and bitcoin price does not mean dollar is not strong. It means for gold and bitcoin, the dollar is losing value towards that type of … Continued

The wealthy buy gold for real money!

The wealthy are buying gold for real money. Ray Dalio loves Gold while Warren Buffett hates Gold. “If you don’t own gold, you know neither history nor economics.”Ray Dalio “(Gold) gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to … Continued