We are in a deflationary crisis!

The United States is in a deflationary crisis, not an inflationary crisis! 🤡 I expect a deflationary crisis to last for 1-4 years. The United States recession started in March 2020. The government is creating 2T+ of FAKE money to prevent a deflationary spiral. The deflationary crisis can not be prevented, but government actions will … Continued

Commercial Real Estate valuations have plummeted!

Commercial Real Estate valuations have plummeted! Many sellers are still in denial. 🙄 Most Commerical Real Estate is valued by the Net Income approach. Valuation = Net Income / Cap Rate ⭕️Net Income is the revenue minus all expenses besides the mortgage. The Net Income of many commercial properties is deteriorating or nonexistent. ⬇️ ⭕️Cap … Continued

Do not ever overpay for assets! (Intrinsic value)

Do not ever overpay for assets! Follow the economic cycle. 🙇🏼 Many successful investors make this mistake while riding the market to the top. Investors fail to correctly read the real value of the asset and expect appreciation. Stocks and Real Estate market values do not continue to appreciate in the short term and depreciate … Continued

Investment Vehicles can be Assets or Liabilities

Assets and Liabilities. Something that should have been taught to us in elementary school, but was not even taught in a university. The elites do not want the common people to know about this. Many investors consider assets being real estate, stocks, and bonds. I would say that these investment vehicles can easily be liabilities. Assets are investment vehicles that appreciate and/or … Continued


Introduction Wealth inequality is causing a housing shortage for low-income families, the elderly and the disabled. Affordable Housing Commercial Assets will be great investments in the right locations! ⭕️RV Parks ⭕️Manufactured Home Parks ⭕️Apartments In Texas alone, there is a 594,000 shortage of rental homes affordable and available for extremely low renters. Who are the … Continued

How to analyze RV PARKS? 🚐

What are RV parks? RV stands for recreational vehicles. RV Park is where people with recreational vehicles can rent sites to stay overnight, or longer. Renters may stay for one day, weeks or even years! RV parks will have a leasing office with possibilities of having a recreational center, laundry, restrooms, dog park, playground, and … Continued

Best City Indicators for Real Estate

Hey guys! I’ll be going over five important metrics to determine if a city is worth investing in. These metrics will give you insight into how well or poor a city is doing.  They are over 19,495 incorporated places(City, town, village, community) registered in the United States in 2018.  16,411 communities have a population under … Continued

How to value any Commercial Real Estate!

Do you want to value any commercial real estate in 5 minutes or less? Follow my blogs and you will quickly learn how I do it. Practice makes perfect. I have analyzed 5,000+ deals of varied asset types in commercial real estate space and still continuing to analyze deals daily. Before we continue, you must … Continued

The Power of Google Map and View

Google Map and View have changed real estate forever. Today, you can see most of America without even actually physically being there. Stop wasting your time driving around the location before even making an offer. You do not need to physically visit the location to understand the value of the property. Never pay market value … Continued


With today’s technology, the location has become much easier to understand. Google map has changed the playing field in real estate. Not only would I encourage to look deals outside, but I would also believe it is necessary to understand real estate as a whole. You need to see analyze deals across major cities to … Continued

How to analyze a gas station (commercial asset series)?

So you want to buy a gas station, huh? If you want to find great gas station deals, you have to talk to many owners and offer! This guide isn’t for the business per se, but the actual real estate! You have two choices to make revenue from the real estate, lease the gas station … Continued

Must Have Computer Tools for Commerical Properties

I won’t hold anything back! These are the exact software I use to find commercial deals in Texas. Like the previous blog post, I do not buy real estate at retail price. I always buy at a discount with add value possibilities! In no particular order as I believe every software is necessary to me … Continued

Basics of analyzing any Commercial Real Estate

These are the things by the order I ask myself whenever I look at commercial real estate properties in Texas. Once you understand these key points, you should be able to quickly analyze a commercial property and give a quick offer. Since I never buy properties at retail price and always go for a discount, … Continued