American Civil War 2 Maps

On January 20th, 2021, Donald Trump does not leave the White House and declares himself president for another four more years. While at the same time, Joe Biden claims that he is the actual president, not Trump.

🇺🇸 American Civil War 2 has officially started! ⚔️

1. Both Democrats and Republicans believe they are fighting for the US and begin raising armies for their cause.

2. Metropolitan cities will first have riots and wars for control.

3. States and cities then start declaring their support for each president and form alliances.

4. The EU, Russia, Canada, Mexico, China, and other countries intervene in the US Civil War.

5. Wars across states occur for control over the whole country.

The war may last a few months to years.

It only takes 2-10% of the US population to start a civil war.

In 1861-1865 US Civil War, only 8% of the population fought.

The majority of the population will not participate directly in the war!

Map Source: The Second US Civil War as of March 10th, 2021 by cooliusjeezer on Reddit


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The odds are not 100%. But I believe the odds are high that Trump nor Republicans will not concede.

Trump may either win through court, or he actually does concede, then Civil War will not happen.

High odds Democrats will not accept court decisions favoring Trump and start the civil war.

Prepare now! This is not a drill!!!!!!

Hoard guns, money, food and supplies.

Money is dollars, gold, & bitcoin.

Get out of metropolitan cities. 🏙️

Ranches and farms in the middle of nowhere can provide security and allow you to hide away from metropoltian cities.

Luxurious bunkers with a pool if you have the money to splurge.

Own real assets like businesses, real estate, and private equities in locations with political views and demographics favoring you.

⚠️ The map does not exactly represent how I believe America could split but is an example I found on Reddit.

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